As the new 1200cc 3 cyl. engine is 12 cm longer than the original 700cc 2 cyl. engine, the original tank is to big to fit in the ski.
The space between the original 700cc engine and the tank is 4cm.

To make the original tank fit in the space left it has to be 8 cm shorter.

I could use a aftermarket tank, but I can also try to modify the original tank.

So......a good friend (thanks Jeroen) cut the fuel tank and welded it.

Now, with a gap of 1,5 cm it makes a perfect fit !

Direct comparison.

The original tank content is 18 ltr.
The modified tank content is 18ltr - 2,5ltr = 15,5 ltr.
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Superjet 1200 Project

Another problem is the space for the battery.
Or simple, the lack of space for the battery.

To find a alternative location, the only option is the nose.

In the nose there is a pre-shaped piece of styrofoam
The new location of the battery is IN this piece of foam.

I cut the shape of the battery into this piece of foam.
Attached a fixed set of cables and installed it in the nose of the ski.

I routed the fixed battery cables to a contact block located underneath the water-separating filter.

The battery is a new gel type, acid free.
Originally used in a motorcycle.

Power rating is enough to start the 1200cc 3 cylinder engine.

Making the exhaust fit:
As the 1200cc engine has a rear facing exhaust port, I decided to re-directing it to the original waterbox.
The original waterbox has enough "breathing capacity" to guide the exhaust gases out.

The rear facing exhaust is re-directed with a piece of exhaust originally from a four stroke FX140 waverunner.
This section is perfect for the 100 degree turn.

A piece of custom made allu. tube then reduces the diameter from 90 - 70 mm (original superjet)
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