Well, today is the big day, transport to the water,the first ride of the SJ 1200.

10AM - Launch the SJ 1200.
10:15 - Gear up, wet suit, shoes, and glasses.

Safety lanyard attached to my vest, and then the magic moment.... click the safety cord to the switch.....

The green start button is screaming "press me, press me !"
press and Gooooooooooooooooooooo..........

The first feeling, it's heavy and powerful. Compared to my 2 cyl tuned up engine it feels like a truck with a very powerfull engine.
My "old" ski climbs up when accelerating, the 1200 just jumps forward, the "old" ski bounces when waves are encountered, the 1200 just goes thru them.
(and please keep in mind this ski is only for closed circuit racing waves are 30-50cm max.)

Time for some fender racing, I layed out a "sandglass" track to test the cornering.
It's a complete different feeling, compared to my old ski. With my "old" ski I had to fight the ski for balance in high speed corners, the 1200 feels more stable, due to the increased weight, and corners much easier. After 5 minutes I had the feeling the cornering went twice as fast as with my "old" ski.

I love it ! .............

Nevertheless there are a few points to change, first is the noise, it's quiet... too quiet for a 1200.
It needs a "sound"----- point 1

The lifting eye on the block rubs the inner liner.
Some more work on the inner liner ----- point 2

Straight handle-bar have not been installed yet.
Install handle bar - straight ----- point 3

I took the pump, intake and rideplate from my "old" ski. The rideplate sticks out more than 9cm at the rear of the ski. With the increased weight in the front, from the new engine, I need to test a shorter rideplate.
Change ride-plate to +5 cm ----- point 4

The intake on my "old" ski is a modified R&D. In the approach to a corner the ski needs to brake. The current intake glides to much, I need to change the angle on the scoop to brake harder in the approach to a corner.
Change intake angle on intake grade ----- point 5

The gunnwall is still original, at the backend of the ski the corners need to be modified for a smooth water flow.
Cut the corners of the gunnwall at the rear ----- point 6

So far it's a big succes, the ski and the 1200 engine make a perfect combination. Now the time has come to fine-tune the components. The top speed has not been recorded yet.

Next time I will meassure the top speed (GPS) and have a small movie taken.
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