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Superjet 1200 Project
Today I modified the pump, intake impeller and the "pump transitions".

The intake is a modified R&D scoopgrate.
As the 2008 and 2009 hull have a different intake track, the scoop angle is wrong.

I shortened the scoop and re-directed it into the pump, the 2008 and 2009 hull have the tendency to run on the nose, to compensate this I narrowed the rear section where on the original scoopgrate the "wings" were.

A spacer plate under the front supports lowers the grate a little to brake better before a corner.

Ride plate is a modified Rius R&D "long" plate.
As this plate was intended for the 2007 hull I drilled the new holes on the 2008 hull position and cut the rear into the shape of the 2008 hull.
My first impeller for the Superjet 1200 was the Solas 16 / 20 concord.

The torque of the engine is so high that I got tired very quickly. The response of the engine is very high.

I had installed the TBM pumpcone with the longest "nose" but even this did not have sufficient effect.

A friend (thanks Martin) had still a 16 / 23 Solas impeller. There are almost no engines that can drive this baby, so it's perfect for this Superjet 1200
As I installed the new impeller I noticed the distance between the impeller and the pump vains was more than 7 mm.

I cut the impeller to have it closer to the vains.
This increases the volume on the intake side a bit and makes a better fit to the TBM pumpcone.

The end-diameter on the impeller is exactly the same as the diameter of the pumpcone.
On this picture the TBM pumpcone and the rough blue-print job on the pump.

I still need to fine-grind the vains but for now it will do.

Comming winter I will polish the vains, and finish the job on the blue printing.
Here is the difference between a original Superjet 700 pump, and my reworked Superjet 1200 pump.

Sunday 13 September I will take her out for a test run.
My feeling is that this will be the set-up that comes close to what I want.

I will make a couple of video's that I will add to a video page.