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Superjet 1200 Project
Sunday 13 September 2009......

At 10 AM we were present at our practice location at IJburg Amsterdam.

10:15 in the water.

On the outside there is nothing that indicates the presence of a 1,2 ltr 135 hp 2 stroke engine in this hull.

Except the 3 water outlets on the port side.
Yesterday 12 Sept. I worked on the pump, Impeller and intake. Today is the test to see if my assumptions were right.

A friend (thanks Martin) had still a 16 / 23 Solas impeller.
This impeller fits perfectly on the TBM pumpcone and should be the perfect pitch for my engine.

Last recorded speed was 94 (93.9) km/h.
My guess was an additional 2 km/h.

96,4 km/h and a perfect handling "out of a corner".
This speed is with me on it and a full tank.

This is how yamaha should make them.

Summary: Unit + 21 kg (1200 cc)
                 My weight +100 kg
                 Fuel tank full + 15 kg

Racers are much lighter than me, and far more skilled in track racing, so I asked my friend Martin, who races the Dutch championship to test the SJ 1200

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